PuTTY SSH Windows command line

PuTTY-cli-2.jpgAnd now we are ready to go:

Start PuTTY

So, we are ready to start PuTTY, click start, and PuTTY menu will be clearly displayed.So lets create a telnet session for a device in our network by entering the details, entering a name in the Saved Sessions box and the clicking on the Save button

Getting to grunter

So normal people would click on Start, All Programs, PuTTY, PuTTY, Click grunter and the Open.Lot of clicking for not much gain I would say. You can start just about any program in Windows from the commad line. I am always surprised by how many people don’t know this. Lets look at starting Windows Notepad from the CLI. That is, from a DOS box, just type the command “notepad” and the away it will go.PuTTY-cli-3.jpgNone of this clicky clicky business.But we can make this even faster.

Fastest Way to open the the command line ….

The fastest way to open the Windows Start box is to press Control-Escape which will open the Windows Start menu (as if you had clicked on the Start button).Then press the “r” key (for Run), and type “cmd” and the Windows DOS box (or whatever you choose to call it) will open on your screen.

Fastest way for Notepad would be ….

PuTTY-cli-4.jpgIf you are thinging laterally, you would realise that the fastest way to open Notepad would be:
  • press Command-Escape (together)
  • press R
  • type “notepad”
  • and press enter
Ok, now we are starting to get much quicker at getting things done.So you might think that it would be very easy to just type PuTTY using the same technique. But alas, it does not. Give it a go and do something like this:you will get…..

It’s all about system paths

MS Windows uses a concept of paths to go searching for where programs are located on your hardware. When using the DOS box, the operating system has no context about where your programs are located on the hard drive. When using the GUI, the information about where the program is located, is contained in the Shortcut that you are clicking on.You could start PuTTY by typing something like this:but that is too much typing for me.We can tell Windows that the directory where the PuTTY program is and to look in there for the program as needed.

To the Control Panel System tab then

In the Control Panel, System Properties, select the Environment Variables button at the bottom:and then select Path in the System Variables section, and press the Edit button.
PuTTY-cli-5.jpg PuTTY-cli-12.jpg

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