PuTTY SSH ProxyCommand

I’ve had problems in the past, where I’ve had so many NAT configurations to get into various machines in my small, home network. Using the ssh ProxyCommand, you can use a single exposed machine to forward your ssh sessions onto any machine in your network.


Obviously, most (if not all) flavours of Linux come with an ssh client included in the basic install, so you can just chuck a little config into ~/.ssh/config and your done.
In this example, I’ve exposed sshproxy.example.com to the internet on port 22, and I’m going to setup a connection to build.example.local (inside my network):

Host example-build User example Hostname build.example.local ForwardAgent yes Host is an arbitrary string to describe you connection. You’ll use this as the host value when you run ssh:

ssh example-buildUser is the username that you use to connect to the host at Hostname
ProxyCommand is the command you run to create the proxy.


You can configure Putty the same way by doing this:

  • In Connection:Data enter your username:
  • In Connection:Proxy

As long as you have your public key installed on the proxy and the host that you are connecting to, and your key is loaded into pageant, This will work.

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