PuTTY SSH tunnel X11 forwarding

  1. Open up the PuTTY program, to start the program as you would normally
  2. In the area that says Host Name or IP Address please enter the name of the remote system you want to connect to. (NOTE: SSH and X11 forwarding must be enabled on the remote system.
  3. In the area that says Protocol make sure that SSH is selected.
  4. To the left you will see an area that says Category. In this area there is a subsection called Connection. If there is a + symbol next to Connection please click on the + symbol to expand the section.
  5. Under Connection there is an area called SSH. If there is a + next to SSH please click on the + to expand the section.
  6. Under SSH there is another section called Tunnels. Click on it.
  7. In the Options Controlling SSH tunnels section make sure X11 forwarding is checked.
  8. Now click on Open to open the connection to the remote system.

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