PuTTY SSH tunnel RDP

Let's assume the following:Linux Server - gate.college-server.com:22 (SSH listens on port 22)Internal Server - internal.college-server.com:3389 (RDP listens on port 3389)RDP connection will be on localhost:3399 (should be opened)How to configure the SSH tunnel via Putty with RDP forwarding:
  • Open Putty and in the Session enter the connection info for the Linux Server
  • Go to branch > Connection > SSH > Tunnels
  • Choose Local and Auto
  • in the Source Port enter 3399, and in the Destination - the connection info of the internal machine in the format: hostname:port.
  • Click Add
you will see entry in the Forwarded ports section, something like:4L3399 internal.college-server.com:3389 Save your connection and it's ready to use.Next, start the a PuTTy Session with the Saved Connection and after you login successfully to the remote server gate.college-server.com:22, you can start your Windows RDP client.Connect with it to localhost:3399 and use the RDP credentials for

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