Download PuTTY version 0.63

USER REVIEWS No user reviews were found. This free software does not only give you the option of connecting to different systems, but PuTTY Portable also allows you to execute different programs from a distance. Moreover, thanks to its portable features, this software is suitable to transport on any kind of storage device like a CD, an iPod or even a USB flash drive. This Telnet Client and SSH Server is an effective, useful and complete tool; however, it can run a little bit slowly from time to time. Furthermore, it needs to be noted that there can be some malfunctions with the latest versions of this program, as they might cause compatibility problems with some operating systems.

How does it work?

It connects itself as a client to multiple protocols such as SSH, Telnet or Rlogin. But you do not have to be in front of your own personal computer in order to proceed with the connection, as this software allows you to do it from a distance, wherever you are, as it is integrates an xterm terminal emulator. Although it is a complete software package, one of PuTTY Portable’s main advantages is its simplicity. Because of this, the tool is appropriate for every type of user. The first window includes the program’s configuration, which allows you to choose between a wide diversity of options. As soon as you insert the server’s direction, as well as the type of linking and the gate, you will be able to establish the connection by pressing on the Open icon. Within a few seconds you will be linked to your remote system, and then you can control the session, or copy data to the clipboard.

PuTTY Portable 0.63 Features

Here you can check the unique characteristics of this software:
  • Use this software without the need of installing it on your computer, just through an external memory source
  • It supports IPv6 protocol for connecting to any kind of server or host
  • Exceptional stability that makes it reliable for long operations
  • Cross-platform application with compatible functions for the main operating systems available nowadays
  • Supports serial local connections as well as emulating most useful terminals for managing systems
  • SSH protocol and encryption function for protecting data transfer

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