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Just FYI I spent a bunch of time hitting a wall on step 13 on Arn's post above detailing how to connect to my shared hosting shell via SSH on a MacThis post helped me create a .pub file that allowed me to get past the @UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE@ error I was facing using a Mac 10.8.5Which finally gave me the magic words I was looking for:Passphrase updated in keychain: id_dsaIdentity added: id_dsa (id_dsa)Keeps giving errors (with and without the [-p 2222] part)ssh: connect to host m***** port 2222: Connection refusedandssh: connect to host m***** port 22: Operation timed outI have tried to turn off the firewall and open ports, but I can't see what the problem would be. I turned on remote login in Sharing in the Control Panel.Ah. Ok, so I was having conflicts with previous keys that were being generated, so going into
  1. Run /Applications/Utilities/Keychain and repair keychain.
and searching for id_dsa in category all items helped me to find the application SSH: /Users/k*******7/.ssh/id_dsa application.So I clicked on it, just as any inquisitive Asian would do and changed access control to 'Allow all applications to access this item'

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