PuTTY SSH exit full screen Full screen modeIf you find the title bar on a maximised window to be ugly or distracting, you can select Full Screen mode to maximise PuTTY ‘even more’. When you select this, PuTTY will expand to fill the whole screen and its borders, title bar and scrollbar will disappear. (You can configure the scrollbar not to disappear in full-screen mode if you want to keep it; see section 4.7.3.)When you are in full-screen mode, you can still access the system menu if you click the left mouse button in the extreme top left corner of the screen.It seems you have found yet another way by Ctrl+right click.And regarding the key combo to enter/leave full screen, there is at least a configuration option to use Alt+Enter. I don't have access to PuTTY right now to test, but I believe that this used to be enabled by default. Once again from the manual:4.9.7 ‘Full screen on Alt-Enter’If this option is enabled, then pressing Alt-Enter will cause the PuTTY window to become full-screen.

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