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Users connect to a remote-access server (RAS) in order to share files and or use an application remotely. Your classification at the university determines which RAS server you are authorized to use.

Server Address Who can access?
ftp.ncsu.eduNCSU faculty, staff and students
remote.eos.ncsu.eduEngineering faculty, staff and students

Transfer Files between a Windows Computer and AFS

You can use ExpanDrive or WinSCP to transfer files between your Windows computer and NCSU AFS file space.

ExpanDrive is commercial software licensed to any currently employed faculty or staff or currently enrolled student at NCSU for use on university-owned or personal computers. ExpanDrive acts like a drive on your local system allowing you to open and save files from any application on your local computer.

WinSCP is a free, open-source Secure FTP client for Windows. Its main function is secure file transfer between a local and remote computer. It also offers basic file manager functionality. WinSCP uses Secure Shell (SSH) and supports SFTP and SCP protocols. It was developed by Martin Prikryl, , and is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Run Applications Remotely

You can use the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) to run Windows and Linux applications, or connect to engineering RAS servers to run Linux applications. Also consult VCL's Remote Desktop Instructions for Windows and VCL Documentation for more information on accessing and running applications remotely.

Run a Windows Application in VCL

You will use the built-in Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to run a Windows application in the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL).

Run a Linux Application Remotely or in VCL

To run Linux applications in VCL or on Engineering RAS servers (see above), you will need to install X-Win32 and PuTTY (for the SSH connection) and run them together.

Run X-Win32 and then run PuTTY.

Important Note: Although X-Win32 has SSH built in, PuTTY is always promptly patched and kept in its most current version on the system. As a result, SSH in PuTTY will be more secure than SSH in X-Win32.

X-Win32 is a X11 Windows System that enables you to display a Unix or Linux application with a graphical user interface (GUI) on your Windows computer.

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