PuTTY ssh authorized keys

Data Exchange Protocol Extensions After the first implementation of the data exchange protocol, two bottlenecks were immediately found. The first is that with large volumes of transmitted data, the transmission time has greatly increased. Secondly, if during the transfer you press a key, the key code gets into the general stream and spoils the data,

PuTTY ssh confing

I love tricks and lifehacks. Every time I am glad when I manage to simplify the next routine operation. And since I have been working as a web programmer for 8 years now, I have programmer routine operations and life hacks. This is what I want to share with you. Some of the tricks before

PuTTY ssh connection

To work properly, you need an installed IIS and a path from the root. If this diversity is not enough, you can always find more Show the client the result of their work, from your computer in the absence of a dedicated IP This thing rescued me many times. It works on top of SSH,

PuTTY tunnel

In general, the safest (well, or one of ..) tool for remote access to ip and web. What is it for? Suppose you need to somehow get to the data on a server, even if access is blocked from your ip. Programs for working with SSH I used Putty, a popular SSH client designed for